THIS Is How You Organize A Closet
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Meet Beatrice Copeland, Refinery29 video producer and down-low closet organizer extraordinaire. When Annie, one of our fashion editors, needed some help taming her bursting closet, Beatrice was ready for the challenge. But there's always another layer to getting rid of one's stuff, since clothing, like most possessions, is bound up in the sentimental memories of the experiences we've collected over the years. Beatrice breaks this process down to a set of manageable, (almost) painless steps, beginning with removing everything from the closet. Next, like any meticulous organizer, she separates Annie's wardrobe into piles to keep, sell, and donate. Finally, she gets to the most satisfying part, putting everything Annie chose to keep back in a way so neat and tidy it looks like Marie Kondo's closet heaven. In the end, Annie's remaining clothes looked better than ever, thanks to Beatrice's expert hands (and with a little help from some brand new hangers).

By: Rachel Selvin

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What a Really Organized Closet Looks Like

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