This Is How You Send An Epic Invitation To Remember!

Engaging Invites Fulfills the Creative and Luxury Needs That Your Guests Crave

The holidays are here and for someone like me I enjoy the process of shopping for holiday cards and gifts. Because I’m creative and artistic I take card shopping seriously. Last holiday I went to probably five different stores to select specific cards that I believed connected to each person’s personality. I was kind of satisfied but not really moved by the selection. I always feel like I do better when I create my own cards. It feels more personal and intimate plus I’m a writer and I don’t feel like anyone can articulate what I want to say and how I want it written. I also like some of the video cards that facebook comes up with because they capture actual moments with my family and friends but they can be kind of generic too. If you’re like me you get it. Well this year I’m doing things differently. I came across a company that actually is able to fulfill my creative needs as it pertains to not just greeting cards but any invitations. I have a few spectacular events that I’m planning in 2018 and I want the invitations to be as memorable and creative as possible. I’m also helping my best friend Keisha plan her wedding so Engaging Invites is about to come in very handy. Engaging Invites is a company that has figured out a way to merge something old and something new by creating a video invitation that will make any invitee scream with absolute joy!  

Just think about how weddings, proms and event invites have now changed. Especially in a social media world where the invitation is a presentation in itself. One has to keep up. So lets just focus on weddings in a millennial world. When inviting a guest to your wedding what’s the first thing they see? What sets the tone to let them know your theme, your colors and truthfully how elaborate a wedding you intend to have? Your invite! And while some brides prefer to keep it simple with traditional stationary there’s another set of EXTRAordinary brides that want to give there guest a show from beginning to end. Dearrick Knupp, Co-Founder and creative director of Engaging Invites understood that the invitation sets the precedence of the wedding. Knupp wanted invites to exude every element of a wedding or event. “It’s the first impression that your friends and families get. It really sets the tone and anticipated atmosphere of whats to come,” said Knupp. I agree and so do many brands in need of that personal touch. When Estee Lauder needed invitations they called upon Engaging Invites. Lauren, VP Brands at Estee Lauder said "We are extremely concerned about quality and brand identity. They hit it perfectly the first time. PLUS, having them here in NYC was a huge bonus.

Imagine a custom card with a rechargeable 7 inch LCD screen and built-in speakers for each invite, Sounds amazing right? Lately, brides and grooms all over the world are getting into these modern over the top invitations to leave a lasting impression on the guest.  The days of simply uploading your favorite video memory on social media are in the past, couples can add any video they choose between 30 seconds and 3 minutes.  Engaging Invites doesn't limit themselves to just weddings they're also the go-to for holiday cards, sweet 16s, and corporate invitations.  With prices starting at $38 for a standard video card it’s definitely money well spent for me as my guests will never forget receiving an invite to my event! Click here to get a peek inside the most coveted and memorable dinner party in New York with invitations curated by Engaging Invites.

You can check out Engaging Invites for yourself on the web and on Instagram.

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