This Is Murder in the West Bank

This is murder. Or it is an execution. Whatever it is, it is illegal, and most profoundly, inhumane.

Yes. This is a Palestinian insurgent that attacked Israeli soldiers with knives in the West Bank. But when you are a soldier in a conflict zone, this is to be expected. What is not to be expected is Wild Wild West-style street executions. Or maybe... it is...? It sure seems that way from the current sad and unwavering support from the majority of Israelis for the actions carried out in their name. Eighty-two percent of Israelis on social media stand in support of the killing, claiming a range of reasons from "this was a Palestinian terrorist and he deserved it," to "the soldier feared for his and others' lives." The fact that the event has been done for long minutes and that that particular soldier wasn't even part of the attack is apparently irrelevant. More justifications come in the form of plain racism and oppression propaganda, such that I refrain from giving stage to.

Naturally, the ever-encouraging of the lowest common denominator, ludicrous and nefarious Netanyahu went as far as to call the soldier's family to commiserate with them and assure his father that his son will get a fair trial. Ironic, considering he will stand trial for violently refusing one to his victim.

It really doesn't matter what you say, the filmed truth is on full display in a clear-cut murder case. Change the uniform to civilian clothes, and the insurgent to an attacker and you get a civil case where a murderer is given some sentencing consideration due to the mitigating circumstances of the attacker's actions, but is nonetheless found guilty of murder. And anyone saying otherwise is either blind or has lost any last ounce of humanity and connection to his higher self.

It's been months since I commented, wrote or even managed to speak about the going-ons in my lost country. But to this I cannot remain silent; I can no longer disengage when so many are loud about their inhumane bloodthirsty beliefs.

I was born and raised in Israel. There can be no doubt about the validity of my concern or opinion. I am the granddaughter of holocaust survivors, daughter of a former Israeli general and chief of staff, sister to a fallen IDF officer, and former officer myself. I am also a product of many of the good things in what used to be Israeli society when I was a child. Israeli society and people have drifted into dogmas letting religion, hate and fear dictate their lives; so much so that they continue to elect a government so corrupt it laughs in their fearful faces while they recite and disseminate fright and animosity.

Is this who we really want to be?

Hateful, negative, victimized, divisive, judgmental, hostile, violent and inhumane; do we really want the face of our society to be that kind of face? Do we have the right to demoralize our society because we believe others are demoralized? Should we criticize those who hate us for our actions by being hateful ourselves? Can we ignore our own vices? Do we want to be the judge and jury only because we have the upper hand? Murder just because we can?

Don't answer right away.