This Is Not Government. It's Savagery.

I want to move to Hawaii solely to be able to vote for Sen. Hirono.

If every elected official had to take the lowest form of health care available to Americans ― no coverage for pre-existing conditions, low life-time cap ― well. How quickly their votes would change.

If every elected official was going to lose their health insurance with nothing to replace it, how quickly their votes would change.

If every government employee ― OUR employees ― were facing a world where a sick child meant they’d lose their home, and a sick spouse forced them to choose between medication and food for their children ― the votes would change.

Every senator who voted to repeal the ACA without a single hearing, with no replacement in place, with insurance companies bailing right and left because by their own admission, the current administration has created such uncertainty that they would rather hedge their bets ― every single senator who voted for the repeal is voting against YOU.

They would rather see you blinded by glaucoma than guarantee you the inexpensive drops to treat it.

They would rather see you lose a leg to diabetes than pay the pittance it costs to educate you about nutrition, provide a framework for your treatment, and help you live a longer, more productive life.

They would rather see a woman die in childbirth than risk spending a nickel on pre-natal care.

They would prefer that we all sit down and shut up while they waste our tax dollars parading their ignorance, their callousness, and their wealth.

This should never even have come to a vote. Yes, parts of ACA need fixing ― then fix them! But voting to take away the health care from tens of millions of Americans, assuming that “sometime in the future” health care for pre-existing conditions, for people in poverty, for all of us will “eventually become available again”?

That is not responsible government. It’s a slap in the face to every American alive today.

Every single person who voted for this repeal, every single person who elected them and stood by while they attempted this heinous thing, should hang their heads in shame, because they are personally responsible for this debacle. They helped to create this administration. They re-elected McConnell and they’ve stood by while he parlayed and “offered inducements” to his colleagues, as they lost every shred of decency they might once have possessed.

I know someone who said on his page “It’s okay with me if we don’t all make it.” He also wants all “repeal all government-provided healthcare outside of government employees.” He feels ACA, Medicaid, and welfare should all be repealed. He doesn’t want to pay for other peoples’ problems.

Of course, he has private insurance. He can’t foresee a world where he might need Medicaid, or welfare.

My mother worked full time from the age of sixteen her late 50s, when Multiple Sclerosis finally made it impossible. Even after that, she did whatever charitable work she could handle, because she understood there’d always be someone worse off than she was.

Now, the “It’s OK if we don’t all make it” person would say yes, that’s private people taking care of other people.

What he doesn’t understand is that without Medicaid and the benefits it provided, my mother would have been dead within months. Maybe he thinks that’s okay. I think the fact that she lived long enough to see her grandchildren born, and her children settled and happy in their marriages, was worth it.

Those who voted for repeal have insurance. They have money. They have jobs. They have no idea what it’s like out here, and They. Do. Not. Care.

Vote these people out. Make your voice heard. Call their offices, send them letters, email them, and tell them that refusing to provide health insurance for all of US should cost all of THEM. Because that’s what they’ve turned it into. US versus THEM. Only “them” is now our own elected officials.

The average net worth of a senator in 2011 was almost eight million dollars. Of someone in the House, seven million! Only a savage could sit on that kind of wealth and deliberately decide to turn out the disabled, the poor, the infants and the elderly.

This is not government. This is barbarism.