This is NOT the New Normal

Somehow the ancient voice of hate raised its head this past year.

It used to be in the shadows, lurking, scheming.

And now, it’s out of the shadows and on the main stage, again. My first reaction (after completely breaking down in grief) was: Not this shit again!

I thought we were moving forward to a global community — yes with many issues — but I believed we were on the right track. Especially now, with climate change as the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. But we just got the biggest cosmic joke thrown in our faces. The old wound of hate, bigotry, misogyny, anti-intellectualism, the last stand of the old authoritarian guard just raised its ugly head.

Not 48 hours past and I was listening in horror how NPR was interviewing a Neo-Nazi on “All things Considered” trying to give “all opinions” a stage.

We’ve seen acts of hate rising everywhere and a group of unfit, hateful men wanting to get into leadership roles.

We cannot accept this as the new normal.

This is tearing down all of the wonderful progress we made in civil rights, human rights, environmental justice.

We need to say NO. This is not ok. This is not who we are.

And we need to not stop, every day for the next foreseeable future. Until the voices of reason, of love, of equality comes back to the halls of the white house.

We need to stand in our NO powerfully.

No to hate, No to misogyny, No to xenophobia, No to racketeering, No to special-interest lobbyists, No to the big corporations leeching our people and our lands, No to the destruction of our planet.

We also need to stand in our YES with conviction.

We are for equal rights for all people, we are for social justice, we are for education for all, equal opportunity for all, fair wages for workers, health insurance accessible to all, abortion rights to all women, safe water and clean air as a basic human right, regenerative and flourishing environment.

Yes to a kind and inclusive society. Yes to a human race that takes care of its people and it’s home planet.

This is going to be the fight of our life — but there are so many of us making a stand.

The stand is — This is NOT normal, NOT OK.

The stand is We Are Planet Earth! Planet Earth!

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