This Is Not The Time To Hold On To Normalcy

Human hands to create a concept of unity
Human hands to create a concept of unity

It is a common human need to hold on to a sense of normalcy, a need to know that the unimaginable does not happen.

We question the sanity of those who conceive the inconceivable. Yet, normalcy can be taken too far, like a wife refusing to accept she is being abused and battered, like a German Jew refusing to imagine what his or her country was capable of - normalcy all the way to the grave.
This is not the time to hold on to normalcy in America. For all those who say, "We'll just have four bad years", let me explain: the best case scenario is that the middle class disappears the United States, given that Trump does not believe in the minimum wage - welcome to full employment, and that his tax plan is Reaganomics trickle down on steroids. We have never recovered from Reaganomics. To this day, we have Reagan to thank for the 1% versus the 99%ers. The middle class has been holding on by the tip of their fingertips and now their fingers will be hammered and they'll have to let go.

A more likely scenario is that within days of Trump taking office, he will release the Russian oligarchs' money that we have frozen since the invasion of the Ukraine, guaranteeing himself the billions he never really had and then he will crush the economy. He will buy everything and by the time he's done, the United States of America will be called Trump Inc. Another very likely case scenario is what the US has practiced all over the world before, a progressively rolling right wing coup, keeping in mind that he was elected thanks to the FBI, to me that already makes it a coup, when the police decide who's my president, I expect that within three months there will be an incident, state of emergency will be declared, Habeas Corpus will be suspended and last week was the last time and you voted.

I'm saying let's make it count.

The Democrats are going through their own autopsy about why Hillary lost. I would like to remind you all that If this were a real democracy she would have won by about a million votes. It's not that she did not attract or inspire minorities enough to bother voting for her, it is that the male side of those minorities is too macho sometimes to vote for a woman, it is not that Hillary Clinton did not get, or hear what those people, the press so kindly refers to as disenfranchised, wanted, she just didn't peddle the racism they wanted and there wasn't much she could do for men who feel emasculated around women they cannot control, which is probably why they hug
their Bibles and guns.

So no, there's nothing normal about a Trump presidency, it is not just another bad four years, it is the end of the world, maybe figuratively for many, but if a sociopath has the nuclear codes, may be very much literally. There is nothing normal or remotely acceptable for a white supremacist, racist, anti-Semite like Steve Bannon to ever step foot in the White House.
Now for all the gloom and doom here are the good news, Hillary Clinton is almost a million votes ahead, if we were observing or judging the validity of another country's election, anything else except Hillary Clinton being declared the president would be considered a rigged election in a Banana Republic. So until December 19th, when the archaic electoral college, nothing more than concession made to the South landowners, also known as slave owners, votes, Trump is a nobody, for now.

So here is my idea: like so many other provisions of the Constitution, which originally intended for only white men with property to vote, the Electoral College, which underrepresented my California vote times four, has to go, and it has to go before December 19th, not through a Constitutional Amendment, which would require voting, let's keep in mind that women I did not get the vote by voting, but through the courts, hopefully, or to the people that voted for Clinton for president to stop their country from being stolen together with their vote.

There will be no later, Republicans will stack the Court in a way that we will never prevail if we don't do this now.

Following is an open letter to any constitutional law attorney willing to defend my right to a whole vote under the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution of equal protection under the law.

I want to sue the Electoral College to stop them for counting my vote in California as a quarter of a vote. I believe the under-representation of my vote is in direct violation of my civil right of equal protection under the law.

I don't believe it is necessary to amend the constitution to eliminate the Electoral College. I believe it contradicts the Equal Rights Amendment and can be eliminated through the courts.

I live in California, where my vote counts as one quarter of the vote of a voter in Wyoming. How is that not a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment? The framers of the Constitution meant the vote to be exclusive of white men who owned property. The whole point of the Electoral College was to protect those men who owned the most land, slave owners, against city dwellers. Yet, through the years, first, black men got the vote and, eventually, women did too. Regardless of what the rules of the game are today, we need to remember women did not get the vote by voting. Sometimes we have to accept that the rules are wrong, unconstitutional and unfair and fight for justice.

Anything, except one man one vote, is not democracy.

I want to sue for my whole vote, not a quarter of it. And I want to do it before the Electoral College votes in December.

I want you to help me stand up for my right to have a whole and equal vote.

Given the time constraints a prompt response would really be appreciated.

Teri Szucs

In our shared despair we need to find the strength to resist and to fight and to not allow a President Trump to happen.