This Is Not Your Father's Forbes: Forbes $1 Million Under 30 Change the World Social Entrepreneurs Competition

This Is Not Your Father's Forbes: Forbes $1 Million Under 30 Change the World Social Entrepreneurs Competition
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The ethos of the hip FORBES Under 30 Summit, taking place this October, is Wealth, Bold Ingenuity and Social Responsibility set to the music of Fetty Wap. This is not your father's FORBES.

Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos, is America's richest, self-made woman and youngest female billionaire. Before dropping out of Stanford, she conceived her blood-testing company Theranos. Holmes will receive the FORBES Under 30 Doers Award in Philadelphia for her radically-altering medical screenings for the world. Holmes has piloted Theranos, currently valued at $9 billion, and devised and built a company around a globe changing prick of the pin. It takes its name from the Greek words for therapy and diagnose and does just that.

Photograph courtesy of FORBES

Fetty Wap (Fetty being slang for money, as the rapper is known for making it) released his first single in 2014 titled Trap Queen, which has over 80 million plays on SoundCloud and became the most played video of the year. Hanson is the more mature incarnation of the teen band that reigned through the nineties and both will entertain the last night of this at once youthful and academic congregation comprised of young billionaires, leaders in the not-for-profit sector, some of the wealthiest and most influential philanthropic foundations, funds created by young capitalists such as Josh Kopelman's and Academics from Wharton.

Photograph courtesy of FORBES' Twitter

The upcoming FORBES Under 30 Summit infuses hipness while unveiling and hailing young thinkers and creators today who pave the world of social responsibility for tomorrow. This is not your father's FORBES; the ethos capitalizes not only on net worth, but also the worth of its impact on the world. Six finalists have been announced by Forbes for its $1 million global social impact competition for entrepreneurs under the age of 30 to advance solutions that address global challenges. Daniel Yu, 22, founded Reliefwatch, providing stock level data for organizations in the developing world. The Chicago-based company uses basic mobile phones for its platform overcoming the need for computers or Internet access. Kiah Williams, SIRUM (Supporting Initiatives to Redistribute Unused Medicine) co-founded SIRUM's online platform to provide life-saving medications to low-income people. Addressing the harrowing problem of unaffordable medicine for a vast number, SIRUM taps into a new source of medications: unopened, unexpired surplus medications at institutions like nursing homes and pharmacies that would then be shipped to safety-net clinics serving low-income populations.

Yu and Williams, 29, and the other four finalists will compete on the main stage at Forbes' second Under 30 Summit beginning Oct. 4 in Philadelphia. The competition focuses on disruptive and scalable ideas with the potential to change the world. McKinsey & Company, the global management consulting firm will facilitate the Impact Lab for the finalists. The competition has been overseen by a team from the Wharton Social Impact Initiative at the University of Pennsylvania.

"These young superstars were chosen as finalists in this historic competition because they have the ability to solve problems, scale solutions and change the world" says Randall Lane, Editor of Forbes magazine, who oversees both the Forbes Under 30 Summit and the Forbes Summit on Philanthropy.

The Keywell Foundation, committed to support and advance the work of social entrepreneurs and innovators globally as well as cultivating student entrepreneurs who are committed to tackling our world's greatest challenges and the Case Foundation, established by digital pioneers Jean and Steve Case, are two of the foundations which helped select and fund the finalists in this $1 million competition; the largest ever contest of its kind.

Photograph courtesy of FORBES

Forbes recently announced the launch of its Social Networking App for its Under 30 Community, connecting them to the outstanding thousands of genius/individuals it has assembled through its annual "30 Under 30" Forbes Issue, the concomitant Summits and online engagement Platforms; as much as for them to stay connected as a Community as for institutions and select advertisers to reach this extremely powerful/affluent/ and difficult to access population. After the wild success of a temporary app used last year to connect all the young and highly successful attendees during the conference, both in the for- profit and not-for-profit sector, it was discovered that they were continuing to use the app to stay tethered to all the other high powered participants whom they had met and wanted a permanent network that would continue and offer even more singular features.

So Forbes acquired both his Camerama device and a greater demographic when it brought in Salah Zalatimo as Head of Mobile Products at Forbes. The app features activity feeds, member directories, messaging, notifications and business opportunities amongst the elite Forbes 30 Under 30 list members. Tinder Co-founder and President Sean Rad of the popular dating/hook-up app was tapped to power it with his proprietary technology amping it with a speed business networking feature; the first time Tinder , known for its rapid dating features, partnered with another brand. Tinder users swipe through 1.6 billion potential dating profiles and make more than 26 million dating /hook up matches per day.

So even if the Forbes Under 30 Summit with its hi-tech hookups and lauding of its futuristic new businesses and not-for-profits is not your father's Forbes, it has the same Capitalist values while extolling innovations for the Public Good.

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