This is Not Your Parents' Prenup: Debunking Prenup Myths

Top 5 Prenup Myths
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Prenups have come a long way since old rich guys used to beat trophy wives out of any kind of marital rights and support. In fact, those old-school agreements generally aren't even enforceable in court nowadays. More and more couples see prenups as a way to make sure finances are handled evenly and openly within their marriage.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Why would you trust the government to handle your finances and custody issues when it obviously does such a terrific job handling its own budget and child welfare system? So why would anyone turn their personal finances over to the law to deal with in the event of a divorce? Even sillier is the fact that each state has slightly different divorce laws. So what's "fair" and "legal" in California is really different than what's "fair" and "legal" in New York, Montana, or Texas. Not to sound overly Tea Party here, but why on earth would we trust politically appointed judges (in many states) to oversee our individual business? Yet we do it all the time, every time we get married without a prenup.

And for those of you who feel like it's marriage Kryptonite, remember that it's really important to have prenup-style discussions, like how you'll handle your finances and whether you'll work after having kids, before you get married, even if you choose not to do a written prenup.

Here are a few of the most common myths, debunked:

Diana Mercer is the co-author of Making Divorce Work: 8 Essential Keys to Resolving Conflict and Rebuilding Your Life (Penguin 2010), and Your Divorce Advisor (Simon & Schuster 2001) and a mediator at Peace Talks Mediation Services, Inc.

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