'This Is Our Haven': Meet The People Of Asheville

The pulse of this vibrant city is in its people.

Asheville, North Carolina, was stop No. 7 on our Listen To America road trip. We set up shop at 12 Bones Smokehouse and Wedge Brewery to talk to locals about what brings them to the home of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here’s what they had to say:

“Asheville, for me, is like the big city ... The health care work that I do in the city is what keeps me in Asheville.”

― Kathey Avery, 64, registered nurse

“I’m originally from Staten Island, New York ... To me, this is home. I had fun growing up in New York, but this is home.”

― Mary Beth Mackley, 57, psychiatric nurse

“I took a chance on love. I met this woman and I decided to give up my 10-year teaching career.”

― Erin McGrady, web designer/photographer

“I have two young daughters and I want to raise them in a beautiful environment and have a great education at the same time.”

― JéWana Grier-McEachin, 43, executive director of a nonprofit

“I love the culture, I love the progressiveness and the tolerance they have and the inclusiveness for everybody ... This is our haven.”

― Skip Edwards, 67, retired

“I moved here 15 years ago to go to massage school.”

― Caroline Whatley, 39, self-employed

“It’s a beautiful town.”

― Lisa Colby, 52, along with daughter Celeste Gardner, metalsmith

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