This Is The Kind Of Bullsh*t You Face As A Woman In The Music Industry

With the help of women on Twitter, a music critic has shed light on an uglier aspect of the industry she works in.

Jessica Hopper, music and culture critic and senior editor at Pitchfork, sparked a conversation on Twitter when she asked women and "other marginalized folks" among her almost 28,000 followers when they first felt like they "didn't 'count'" in the music industry. 

What came after was a disturbing look at what women face in the industry as Twitter users shared their experiences of sexism and misogyny. Many who are musicians, journalists, photographers and crew members explained that they were often not taken seriously and frequently mistaken for groupies or girlfriends.

Others highlighted the crude comments and casual sexism they experienced on a daily basis.

The most unsettling examples of misogyny came from Twitter users who bravely spoke up about being sexually assaulted, and the troubling reactions they received afterwards. 

Though the majority of the responses highlighted sexism in the music and journalism industries, Hopper's tweet also motivated others to share their experience with sexism in other fields and with racial stereotypes. Since receiving so much feedback, Hopper has shifted the conversation and asked women about their accomplishments in the music industry and other fields using the hashtag #WomenInMusic.

Considering the obstacles they overcame for these accomplishments, these women deserve a round of applause.

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