Denver: This Is The Place, According To MTV Other (VIDEO)

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"Denver rules."

So begins our 4:48 spot on MTV Other's "This is the place." The show introduces hip music scenes in a short film narrated by comedian Dave Hill.

In the short, Hill interviews Christy Kruzick, a music blogger for about the gloriousness that is Denver-based music.

"I think the music scene here is so exciting," Kruzick says. "There's so many different people and styles of music. There's just no judgement here. People just do what they want to do, they just make it happen."

The short also introduces will-be travelers to the many talents of Denver artists.

"I am a musician, a producer, a designer, I own an art gallery, I teach some classes on music, I think about music all the time -- I'm like a walking, breathing, art project," says Alex Botwin, the man behind Paper Diamond.

The short film even shows some love to Illegal Pete's and their amazing Starving Artists program, a program that allows starving (read: touring) bands to get a voucher for a free burrito and drink.

"Illegal Pete's is your best late night burrito stop. No question," A. Tom Collins band members say, adding, "Denver is the best kept secret."