This Is The Play That'll Give Panthers Fans Nightmares All Offseason

Von Miller, you the real MVP. No, like really.

If Carolina Panthers fans were going to look back at one play during Super Bowl 50 that might have set the tone, turned the tide, laid the groundwork and instilled a dark, desolate sense of foreboding in the pit of their collective soul, linebacker Von Miller's huge hit on Cam Newton might be that play.

The sack forced a fumble, and led to a Broncos touchdown and a 10-0 start for the Denver Broncos, who would eventually win 24-10 on Super Bowl Sunday.

But actually, that wasn't the most demoralizing play of the game. It was this one, which again featured Von Miller making a fool of Newton:

 Wait, what did Newton do right there?

Oof, yeah. That's definitely the play that will give Panthers' fans nightmares. Von Miller ended up winning the game's MVP award, obviously. 


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