This Tweak On A Classic Sex Position Makes A World Of A Difference

If the lotus position was a song, it’d be a slow jam from the 1990s.

Love being on top during sex, but wish you could make the experience even more intimate and satisfying? Look no further than the lotus position, ladies.

Lotus is a slightly modified version of the classic cowgirl position, but instead of lying back, the guy sits up and the woman wraps her legs around him, taking full command of the situation, said Sadie Allison, a sexologist and the author of Ride ’Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking.

“While some positions lend themselves perfectly for full penis in-and-out thrusting, the lotus is great for receiving him fully and deeply inside, all for your enjoyment,” Allison told HuffPost. “This position is ideal for slow, sensual lovemaking and more for your pleasure than his.”

Here’s a visual aid of what that looks like:

The lotus position has its roots in the Kama Sutra, the ancient Sanskrit guide to sex and holistic living. Because of the angle, it’s an especially clutch move for women, said Lori Buckley, a sex therapist and the author of 21 Decisions for Great Sex and A Happy Relationship.

“It promotes a kind of motion that many women respond to sexually, which is a slow rocking and grinding movement that directly stimulates the clitoris,” Buckley said. “Plus, you’re able to freely touch each other’s bodies with your hands or lips. You’re in an upright position, but it requires less movement than the typical man- or woman-on-top position.”

So basically, if the lotus position was a song, it’d be a slow jam from the 1990s that never, ever gets old.

Now that you’re sold, here’s how to assume the position, according to Allison: After mounting your seated partner, arch your back a little so your vulva and clitoris shift forward and lay flat against your partner’s lower abdomen and pelvis. (This technique is similar to our other favorite lady-friendly position, the “coital alignment technique,” aka CAT.)

“Once you’re both perfectly positioned, gyrate and grind against him in small circles, and feel the orgasmic rush of pleasure sensations from the sensitive nerve endings of your clitoris and inner vulva being stimulated,” she said.

Then, ask him to grab your hips tightly to help you gyrate.

“The extra strength and speed he can offer can do wonders for your orgasmic pleasure,” she said. “It’s the difference between ‘oh so close’ and ’oh, yessss.′

To get even more bang for your buck, get your fingers involved.

“Lotus allows your partner to ‘thumb’ your clitoris in figure 8 strokes while you sensually gyrate ― a tried-and-true way to achieve orgasm while enjoying intercourse,” Allison said.

There you have it. Now go forth and lotus, baby.