This Is What Happens When You Leave Toddlers Alone For 7 Minutes

Never underestimate the power of a toddler.

A Florida dad learned the hard way just how destructive toddlers can be.

On June 16, Paul Schettini posted an epic Facebook video that shows the damage his kids inflicted on their home when left to their own devices. It seems his 2-year-old James and then-3-year-old daughter Molly tried a little finger painting ... all over the walls, the furniture, the floor, the dog and even themselves.

"So this is what happens when you leave two toddlers alone in their own room for seven minutes," the dad says in the video narration. He later adds sarcastically, "'Have kids,' they say. 'It'll be fun' they say."

Schettini's video has reached over 13,000 views on his page and over 700,000 on "Good Morning America."

He told ABC News his wife was away at a conference that night. "Everything had been going well," the dad said. "The kids were watching a movie and playing while I was in the kitchen. My daughter asked if they could go play in her room."

Schettini obliged, and because he could hear the kids talking and having fun in the other room, he assumed they weren't getting into trouble. "If they’re quiet and you don’t hear anything, that’s when you go running because they’re definitely into something," he noted.

But the chatter and giggles were clearly deceiving, as after about seven minutes, the kids emerged covered in paint. And the rest is history.

Schettini told CBS 12 that after getting over the initial shock of seeing red and green paint all over everything, he enlisted some kind neighbors to help clean up the damage. Thankfully, they were able to deal with the bulk of it that night.

Ultimately with little kids in the house, safety is the priority, and while Schettini's children needed a long bath, they remained physically unharmed.

When he posted the video, the comments section filled with messages of sympathy from fellow parents, who also added that he would probably laugh about the whole situation later.

The dad told ABC News he was certainly able to find humor in it all. "I was so shocked, but I never got mad. I just laughed,” he said. "It’s kids being kids. It’s a funny story."

Sometimes, in these situations, all you can do is laugh.

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