This Is What I Know About The World At 24

* * * P A R T * O F * T H E * S E R I E S * * *
* * * P A R T * O F * T H E * S E R I E S * * *

Do you know what I know? Of course, there are boundless things out there in this world for one still left to learn, experience, and understand. I am humbly confident that I don't know nearly enough just yet. But there's one thing I do know.

There's one thing I know with such a certainty that if I was to un-know it I would subsequently stop breathing. This is the one thing that pushes exhales from my soul and keeps my heart beating. If I know anything in this world... It's this one crucial thing.

Some would call it naïve, youthful, or immature to believe in this. Some would scoff and say I will change my ways. They would say, "you'll grow out of it" or "it's not that simple." But it is. It is because if it wasn't that, the chaos of this world would destroy us.

There aren't many out there that believe in it. You see it every day whether it's in the news, in your office, on your Facebook feed or how your text message reads. The world has forgotten the one important truth -- the one that I know so surely.

What do I know? I'm single, complicated, and 24 years young... What could I possibly know about life? Well, I know this: I know that love is real, I know it's out there, and I know it's what will save us all.

Big revelation? Probably not. Love is something we all talk about but rarely experience. We get sucked into settling, to waiting, to a wilting dating culture, to hatred and to meaningless rendezvous or "ghosting." Love is dying, and we're all forgetting about it.

I know that feeling too much is a strength much more than it is a weakness. I know believing in the power of love is higher than any religion. I know that love will always beat hate. And I know that without love -- we have nothing.

But what can I do with this knowledge? What can I do with this force that burns inside me and wants to shout out to the world? Maybe that's just what I do. I shout out that love exists and remind you all of what that means; because it means everything.

So I am here to remind you of love. If I do anything in this life I hope it's bringing more love into this world, even if it's simply using words you'll read on your lunch break or before you go to sleep. If I can help evoke love, then my most important job is done.

You can fall in love with life, you can fall in love with yourself and with those around you. Tell the people important to you that you love them, and most importantly treat them like you do. Don't take love for granted because it's what binds the world together.

Don't settle for mediocre love. Don't settle in general because it's out there. We've seen it here and here and even there. We've seen it in so many places that we need to stop talking about heartbreak and starting talking about the reason for these mistakes.

Don't give into hate. Don't give into putting others down and especially not putting down yourself. Push past the animosity and bring romance back to everything you do. Be the love that the world needs to survive, to thrive, and to continue make being alive more worthwhile.

Don't forget about love. Don't confuse it with a waste of time, and don't give up on it. You will find it when you least expect it in the soul of the person who's spent a lifetime searching for you. And until then there are so many other things to love, too.

I'd love for you to salvage these words and instead of disregarding them like the inspirational quote you liked on Instagram. I want you take them, wrap them up in your heart, and start breathing new life into the world that we know.

Although, you're probably reading this and wondering why you should listen to a twenty something who hasn't even found true love. Why, why should you listen to me?

I get it. I do. And I'm not really asking you to. You already have love in your heart. What I'm really asking and what I really mean is for you to listen to yourself. Listen to the voice inside of you that's trying to tell your mind it's not always so black and white.

Listen to yourself and do not be afraid to, or be afraid and know that it will be worth the fear. It will be worth the battle, the mistakes, and the wrong ways it takes to get there. When you find love you'll realize love was always there in one way or another.

So believe in it as strongly as you believe in your dreams. Line your goals with real passion and you'll see how much further you go. It isn't weak to feel. It isn't pathetic to care. It is strong and it necessary to be in touch with what ultimately keeps the world spinning.

It's important that you know this. It's vital that you take it in and move forward with this understanding. Can you imagine how your life will change if you remember to love a little more? If you start hoping more? If you start to believe a little more?

Imagine how each day will get easier, how waking up will get sweeter, and falling asleep won't be so dreary anymore. Think about how nice it'll be to hear from the people that love you, and to tell those that you love "I love you too."

Imagine how unbelievably fantastic it will be if you hold out for true love and let go of all these flings and undefinable things. Just think about that. Because all those love stories are never based on pure imagination -- they are based on authentic inspiration.

So that's why I'm here. I may not know a lot about the world at 24. I'm still trying to figure it all out a single stride at a time. I'm no where near perfect, but I find beauty in the imperfections. I'm no where near an expert on love, but boy do I love figuring it out.

I know some things here and there. I know there's more to learn and there is so much more out there. But I know that none of that will matter as much as knowing that love is real and it is true. Love is going to be what saves you -- because it saved me once too.

I don't really know enough about the world to be a credible source. But do you know what is? Your heart. What could be more reliable to you that your own beating core? So listen to it. Listen to it openly and without apprehension.

Please don't forget about love. There's so much in the world waiting to be seen, touched, heard and felt. There is so much love waiting to be found. So spend your life finding it in the places you least expect and noticing it in the places that already exist.

It seems like such a cruel world out there, and I admit I have no idea what you've been through. But if I have any role in this life it's to remind you that love will help get you through. Love - in any and all forms -- can rescue you, push you, and take you over bounds you never knew.

I won't grow out of this and I won't stop believing. I'll keep shouting and writing, writing and shouting, even if only one person hears me. If just one person out there starts to believe in love a little more, then my job is done. Because as soon as there is one -- there can be many.

I believe you could be that one. I believe you have what it takes to remember. You're probably hesitant, afraid, or think you already know a sufficient amount. Whatever the case may be -- I want you to know that you're enough. You're enough to be a part of this revolution; you're more than enough to love.

There are hardships out there, there is evil we cannot deny, and there will be times when love doesn't seem like appropriate reprieve. There will be those days, but that's when you need love the most. That's when you need to believe in it with all of your might.

Because then there will be better days. There will be great, fantastic, and oh-my-goodness such lovely days. There will be days that will convince you hands down and that will make every other day worth it. They will be here sooner than you know it.

So what do I know about the world at 24? I am the type of girl who believes in love and knows that that's enough.

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