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This Is What's Keeping You Stuck

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Eleven years ago, John Assaraf, of the book and movie The Secret, was my mentor for two years. I did everything he recommended to grow my business and create more money in my life. I listened to all the calls, was involved in my mastermind group, went to all the live events, applied meditation, affirmations, dream boards, all the mind and quantum science that he taught and still I wasn't having the results I thought I should be having like some others in the group.

I'm a smart, creative, intuitive, intelligent, self-motivated, and entrepreneurial-minded and results orientated person who felt "something is wrong with me" because the 'Law of Attraction' wasn't working for me.

I'm sure most of you have been in similar circumstances where you applied everything your mentor has taught you about the 'Law of Attraction' or achieving your goals and it didn't work for you. You did everything right, probably multiple times and you still didn't get what you desired.

I learned a lot from John along with other "The Secret" mentors like Joe Vitale, Bill Harris, Bob Proctor, and scientists like Greg Braden, Candace Pert and Bruce Lipton. Back then the science was just beginning to explain quantum physics and our mind, body and spiritual relationships.

I could see that not one teacher had a full understanding or way of explaining how it all worked. So I started mapping it all out visually as I read, listened and learned from each of these teachers. What was I missing that kept me from making the big money and business leaps?

Today, I know 'it' was the cause of not having what I desired, but it had nothing to do with my feelings of something being wrong with me. It was my unconscious childhood programming that kept me stuck. It was my belief that I could not have what I desired without great personal sacrifice and hard work. ' It' was my belief that I couldn't financially achieve what a man could and that I had to be perfect in order to feel worthy of receiving my biggest desires. I didn't realize that I didn't feel safe standing out and being different from others for fear of being abandoned by those I loved....and there are many more beliefs I had no idea were running under my conscious radar, dictating the decisions I made in my life.


You, too, have unconscious beliefs that are running your decision making process without ever questioning it. Those beliefs are what is keeping you from fulfilling your desires, reaching your goals, manifesting the money, the love, the relationships, the health, the pleasure and happiness you long for.

My perception of myself was not aligned with my desires, so there was no way I was going to achieve it. Even though I would spend time visualizing and feeling myself successful in my conscious mind, my more powerful subconscious mind would stop me from seeing opportunities and taking actions that would have created successful results because it was not my inner reality.

Working with John helped me realize how powerful I was in creating my world and my new reality but his training didn't take me to my deeply hidden core beliefs at that time. Changing my inner perception of my power rocked my mindset and started the healing of my inner wounded child and gave me permission to take responsibility for creating my life and I happily haven't looked back!

I've discovered that our big, deep core issues of self-worth, safety and love are intertwined with our money issues. Personal and professional experiences have revealed that we unconsciously find ways to avoid these issues until they become our biggest challenges and we are ready to wake up to a new way of being. There is something that inspires us to address our inner fears and shadows. It has to be meaningful to go through the growing process, and we don't know how fulfilling it is until we go through it. So it takes a leap of faith, courage and love.


Sadly, what is important to us sometimes comes in a wake-up call of an illness, a financial challenge, a divorce, or a great loss of self or something important to you, or through a natural disaster. We each have our own progression of growth that allows us to unlock the deep core issues as we go so we don't shut down completely out of fear.

What is keeping you from attracting what you desire into your life is the belief that you can't really have it for some reason.

What are the beliefs keeping you stuck? What are the rules or vows that you've adapted for survival over time that don't allow you to have, receive or create more pleasure, money, love or success in your life?

It can be hard to see these beliefs because you are so close to them. You think those beliefs are true and are universal truths or they are you - but they aren't!

It takes time to wrap your mind around this, but you are worth every moment it takes because this will determine the direction and dynamics of your life! I encourage you to seek a mentor who can guide you and help you in the process of self-discovery and to uncover those subconscious and hidden childhood beliefs that keep you stuck.

Live your Turned-On life,