This Is What It Feels Like To Play Adele's Love Interest

"HELLO" it's the actor from "The Wire" and "90210!"

Tristan "Mack" Wilds had a grand time playing Adele's ex-boyfriend in her latest music video, as if you'd expect anything less. 

“The Wire” and “90210” actor dished to Entertainment Weekly about anticipating the video’s massive reception while filming in the Montreal countryside.  

“It’s crazy, I think the ones that are usually the most successful, the parts or the shows or anything that are the most successful or the most iconic, you don’t necessarily always feel it. It just feels good,” he said. “It just feels fun and I can honestly say that if that’s the feeling of what it means to be iconic and all of that stuff, then yeah we definitely had that feeling on set. It was just fun. There wasn’t pressure. It was legit us there just having a great time.”

The 26-year-old actor had nothing but praise for the singer, who, according to the video’s director, Xavier Dolan, doesn't consider herself to be an actress.

“I think as much as she says she’s not a good actress or anything, she killed it. She killed it,” Wilds added. “Her emotion was on point. Xavier made sure that both of us were at A game at all times, so she was amazing. She didn’t need any tips.”

It seems fans agree, as "Hello" broke records. According to ET Online, the October 22 debut of “Hello” netted 27.7 million views during its first 24 hours on Vevo, breaking Taylor Swift’s previously held record for “Bad Blood,” at 20.1 million views.

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