Hint: It's not all bad and it's not all good.

Judging from advertising and movies, being a dude is pretty simple: Have lots of sex, money and power. But is that limited conception of masculinity doing anyone any favors? Not so much.

Avideo published on Thursday byThe Representation Project reveals the good, the bad and the ugly of the messaging men receive about what it means to be a guy in 2015. The video is the fourth annual installment ofend -of-year roundups from The Representation Project, each of which highlights the damaging impact of gender roles.

From advertisements to movies and media, the video reveals the conflicting messages sent to men about masculinity -- some negative, some positive.

In order to "be a man," guys are told to objectify women and be "macho." So, basically:

Thankfully, there are some men who are publicly pushing back on these gender norms, and advocating for women and healthy masculinity.

“Having those traits that make me traditionally masculine doesn’t exclude me from wanting gender equality," actor and outspoken feminist Matt McGorry says in a clip featured in the video.

Actors Terry Crews and Dwayne Johnson, and "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver also make heartening appearances.

As Johnson says towards the end of the video: “The most important thing that I can do with my daughter is lead our life with love -- not success, not fame.”

Yes, yes and more yes.

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