What It Would Be Like If Key And Peele (And 2 Chainz) Formed A Wedding Band

For a fee, they'll throw in 2 Chainz too.

The key to a great wedding reception is great music. And the key to great wedding music is Key and Peele.

In a new YouTube sketch, the comedy duo play members of a fictional Scottsdale, Arizona-based wedding band called Absorption.

"What we do is take popular songs and we tailor-make them to your wedding so they can only be performed for your wedding," Key says.

In other words, wedding dance floor mainstays are rewritten for the marrying couple. "A little ditty about Jack and Diane" becomes "A little ditty about Rooja and Padmalaya, two American kids growing up eating tikka masala."

Another tune in Absorption's repertoire is Macklemore's same-sex wedding anthem "Same Love," which they flawlessly revamped and personalized for two of their clients.

"They can't change even if they try, even if we wanted them to. Chris keeps Chris warm, Chris keeps Chris warm."

And if couples want to take things up a notch, they can always upgrade to the deluxe package, which features performer Master Collaborator -- a.k.a. 2 Chainz with a saxophone.

Our advice: definitely splurge for the deluxe package.

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