This Is What It's Like To Free Dive With Whales

When filmmaker and photographer Michaela Skovranova and her family moved from Slovakia to Sydney, they jumped into the big blue sea and never looked back.

"We could all look at the endless ocean every single day," she said in an interview for Instagram's blog, where her amazing underwater photos were recently featured.

"One early morning during a swim, I could hear soft clicks of a dolphin and suddenly she appeared right beneath me. She looked at me with the most curious eye -- and just as quickly she was gone," Skovranova said. "I was left breathless, and from then on I wanted to feel that every single day -- and perhaps let other people feel that, too, through my work."

Skovranova, 27, has amassed nearly 30,000 followers since she started sharing her oceanic explorations on Instagram in December. In an email to The Huffington Post, she said she free dives with a fixed lens camera or sometimes just her phone.

"It's very much a stream of consciousness approach," she said.

When she's in the water, with the ocean doing pretty much whatever it wants to, Skovranova said she feels less in control of her body and the environment, which allows her to focus on taking in all the glorious nature.

Lucky for us, her photographs let us take it in, too:

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