This Is What It's Like To Grow Up Queer

From the mind of photographer Dave Naz comes "Identity: In & Beyond The Binary," an insightful and candid short film where people across the queer spectrum share their stories about growing up and coming to live as their authentic selves.

"Identity" initially started as a photography project. However, after Naz heard the featured individuals sharing their stories, he knew that he needed a video camera to capture their thoughts and words too.

"I got that camera, and the result was an interesting & insightful glimpse into their lives," Naz said in a statement. "I hope the project will help promote tolerance and help to continue the discussion. There are so many personal and revealing stories people can connect with."

The individuals interviewed in "Identity" include Buck Angel, Michelle Austin, Birdmountain, Matty Boi and Jonelle Brooks, among others. Check it out above.

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