This Is What Planned Parenthood Has Actually Done For People

Contrary to what anti-abortion Republicans trying to defund Planned Parenthood may want you to believe, the organization is a vital healthcare source to millions. 

The social activism nonprofit UltraViolet created a Tumblr account, "What The F*ck Has Planned Parenthood Done," to show the incredible scope of critical health services that Planned Parenthood offers. 

The account features personal stories from people who support Planned Parenthood, solicited from the UltraViolet Twitter account, along with statistics about the various types of health services Planned Parenthood provides. An estimated 2.7 million women and men use Planned Parenthood services annually, including affordable or free contraception, annual health exams, breast cancer screenings, sex education workshops, and more. 

These personal stories and statistics remind us what a relief it is that the proposed defunding measure has failed -- for now -- and what we have at stake should legislators continue to push the bill in the future.

 See more below, and check out the full Tumblr here

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