This Is What Work Would Be Like If Gender Roles Were Swapped

"It was like no one was listening to me or taking me seriously."

We live in a world where women are treated as equals in all professional settings. They're never spoken over in meetings or left out of boys club bro time at the office, and their ideas are certainly never devalued because of their gender.

LOL, JK. But wouldn't it be cool if that was the case? A new BuzzFeed video flips the script on gender roles in the workplace to show just how damaging subtle sexism can be to a woman's career trajectory.

The video, which was inspired by testimonials from Bindercon, "a conference for/by/on women and gender non-conforming writers," begins in a male-dominated work environment and then throws one of its male characters into a fake professional world dominated by ladies. In this matriarchal fantasy land of an office, women openly throw tampons to each other, never have to worry about being asked to take notes during a meeting, always feel represented and are always taken seriously when they speak up.

But the lone man feels sidelined, invisible and undervalued. "You guys will never believe what I just went through," he tells his three female colleagues when he wakes up from his lady-dominated fever dream. "It was like no one was listening to me or taking me seriously, like this system was already in place that I wasn't a part of where I would have to push my way through entirely to even have a chance."


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