This Is Why You Don't Check Your Phone During Sex

Sex comes and goes, but notifications are forever.

Having trouble with checking your phone during sex?

You're not alone! That sugar-sweet dopamine that releases in your brain when you hear your phone buzz can distract you from even the most intense sexual encounters. Because, you know, what's the notification for!? Is it a big RT? Did you get a new job? Does LeBron want to leave Cleveland for, oh, we don't know, the Knicks? Tell us! Sex comes and goes, but alerts are forever! 

Still, you should try to focus on the hookup for a few reasons.

1. It's a huge insult to your partner.

2. By allowing that new person into your mind, you're inviting them into bed with you.

Don't believe us? Check out the video below. Stay until the end for a visit by a special guest.

(Hint: It's Dr. Phil.) 

This video written by Paul Gale and John Trowbridge follows a man who can’t stop checking his phone notifications while he’s hooking up.



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