This Is Why You Don't Look Up Your High School Crush On The Internet

Proof nothing good comes from Facebook stalking.

If there's one universal truth, it's that no good can come from stalking ex-crushes. Unfortunately, writer Marian Bull found out the hard way. 

In a recent video posted to YouTube by her roommate, Bull stumbles upon her high school crush's new girlfriend. And, of course, Bull proceeds to take a deep dive into the new girlfriend's Facebook

“The boy that I was in love with in high school has a girlfriend and I just found out on Facebook and she’s so pretty... It’s like her skin is made out of silk that has little sun rays woven into it." Bull says through hysterical laughter. (We're not sure if she's laughing or crying, but either way: We feel you, girl.)

In another soul-crushing development, Bull realizes the new girlfriend is a model: "She’s a model and I’m just sitting here in my shitty apartment. Our heat doesn’t even work. I bet her heat works. She lives in California she doesn’t even need heat." 

It's OK Marian, we've all been there. 

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