This Is Why Your Coffee Is About To Get More Expensive

Say it ain't so!
NOT cool beans. 
NOT cool beans. 

Sad news for coffee lovers everywhere.

Bloomberg reports that coffee prices are set to increase this year because of a drought in certain regions of Brazil, too much rain in Vietnam and a smaller harvest in Indonesia. The outlet says that all of these factors contribute to a decreased amount of the robusta bean, which is used in instant coffee, espresso, and as a filler in coffee blends.

“Prospects for a recovery in Brazil’s production in 2017 are slim,” Rabobank analyst Carlos Mera told the Financial Times, in reference to the country’s already short supply of robusta.

Prices are already increasing on Dunkin’ Donuts, Folgers and Café Bustelo’s coffee. The J. M. Smucker Company, which owns all three brands, said in a press release last week that prices on their packaged coffee will increase by six percent, though K-cup prices will remain the same.

The release said prices will only increase on the Dunkin’ Donuts packaged coffee purchased in grocery stores, mass merchandisers, club stores and drug stores. For now, coffee drink prices will stay the same at Dunkin’s various locations.

Coffee prices went up for certain Starbucks lovers last July, when the chain increased its prices for the third year in a row, hiking up certain brewed coffee beverages by 10 to 20 cents and select espresso beverages and tea lattes by 10 to 30 cents. The chain increased prices again on certain cold beverages and baked goods in November. Looks like consumers need to hold onto their wallets this year!

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