This Is Your Brain On The Ocean

This Is Your Brain On The Ocean

Your body is comprised of roughly 57 percent water, so it isn't all that surprising that we're drawn to even larger bodies of the stuff -- the ocean. Though scientists haven't been able to pinpoint the exact reason behind why the ocean gets our synapses firing so feverishly, it's a universal truth that doesn't need all that much explaining. Your brain on the ocean ... is better. Below, check out the ways the ocean affects all of your senses for the better.

During our formative memory making years (about ages 16 - 21), it is common for many people to spend some amount of time near the ocean, forming memories in their hyper-relaxed state, according to biologist Wallace J. Nichols, who studies the relationship between humans and the sea. Later in life, even a recording of the ocean can trigger the brain's nostalgia of those peaceful times, allowing you to slip back into that mellow state.

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It's no wonder that floating weightless in the ocean is bound to alleviate the heaviness that life sometimes throws on our shoulders. Swimming in the ocean reduces inflammation of muscles due to its hypertonic nature. The higher levels of magnesium in the water also soothes and helps maintain the health of the nervous system -- a stress free brain is a happy brain.

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When it comes to shelling out for that "ocean view" hotel room or condo, we gladly empty our wallets. But why is that? Though science has yet to answer the query with a direct link between our visual cognition of the ocean and the actual impact it has on our brains, there have been studies that link observing nature to a reduction in stress levels -- it sure does make those oceanfront prices a little easier to stomach.

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Though drinking sea water is pretty counterproductive if your goal is to hydrate, it does have other benefits if you happen to catch a mouthful while going for a dip. According to Livestrong, drinking salt water can help reduce fatigue, stabilize your blood pressure and reduce your appetite (though it's still best to consult your doctor before going for a big gulp). Your body's health directly effects your smartest organ.

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Known as thalassotherapy, using sea water as the primary means of therapy can help aid in treatments for viral infections like acute viral bronchitis. Many people who suffer from severe allergies or even a cold also find comfort in salt air therapy -- breathing easier and decreasing pressure in the sinuses.

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The ocean is calling, let your body listen.

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