Kitty Who Steals His Neighbors' Belongings Is The Cutest Crook Around

"Looks like he steals hearts as well as shoes!"

You better keep a close eye on your belongings, because you never know when this cat burglar's gonna strike. 

Snorri Sturluson, a 2-year-old cat who lives in Portland, Oregon, has a knack for swiping items from around his neighborhood -- especially shoes, his human, Gabrielle Hendel, told The Huffington Post in an email

Unsurprisingly, the criminal cat is on his way to becoming a social media star. Hendel documents his habit on an Instagram page, as well as a YouTube page which features his heists, captured by a "cat collar camera" that the feline wears. His behavior has also caught the attention of several media outlets

But seriously, who wouldn't want to follow Snorri's adventures?! 

Hendel told HuffPost that Snorri, who she took in as a stray, began his thievery in early spring. Back then, he would bring back mostly sticks and small pieces of garbage. The items' appearances were confusing for Hendel, who didn't know where the objects were coming from, but she soon figured it out.

"One morning we found a piece of sidewalk chalk in the bedroom full of teeth holes," Hendel explained to HuffPost. "It all made sense!"  

As time went on, Snorri really got down to business and began snatching a wider array of objects. 

"It escalated to include kids toys, matchbooks, a leopard print towel, dog toys, rags, hats, socks, gloves and then finally shoes," Hendel, a medical student who splits her time between her surgical rotation and editing Snorri's footage, told HuffPost. 

Snorri's most memorable burglaries? Well, they're pretty unusual. Hendel says Snorri's swiped a monkey costume for a baby before. Another time, the feline stole a Mickey Mouse hat, complete with mouse ears.  

While it may seem like Snorri's acquired quite a bit of merchandise, don't worry! He doesn't get to keep his stash. Hendel says that many of her neighbors will locate their items by looking at her Instagram account. She's also gone door-to-door to track down the rightful owners of a few of Snorri's finds. 

Snorri's antics are certainly amewsing, and perhaps Hendel really summed it up best. 

"Looks like he steals hearts as well as shoes!” she told ABC News. 

It's worth noting that the ASPCA recommends that pet cats be kept strictly indoors in order to prolong their lives.  And while experts usually suggest this for the welfare of the cat, as well as the surrounding wildlife, it could keep the kitty cops away in this case, too!

To learn more about Snorri and follow his adventures, visit his Instagram page here

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