This Lassie's Love

So, I thought ye might be a wonderin'
Bout this Lassie's love she holds
For a lad that swept her off her feet
So here's the story told

He speaks nary a Scottish word
He dons no kilt nor crest
He's a wee bit younger than this lass
But my heart he holds the best

He loves the Highlands streams and fields
The smell of the woods and trees
And we climb and gaze o'r all the land
From atop the hills so green

Oh how my heart does sing with glee
When his steps fall on my door
He greets me with soft kisses sweet
No lass could not ask more

And when it's time to lay our heads
On pillows plump and round
He gently sleeps beside me
Til by the kiss of mornin' we are found

He greets each day with a twinklin' eye
And those eyes do melt my heart
So off we go a wander'n once more
No words must we impart

So there you have it, start to stop
The lad who caught my eye
And I'll leave ye with a picture fine
So you'll remember by and by


Photo Credit: Mary McLaurine