This Law School Grad Made A Serious Case For Pizza And Won!

This soon-to-be-lawyer made what will surely be her greatest appeal ever over humankind's most basic freedom -- her right to a piece of the pie. Pizza pie, that is.

In an email sent to HuffPost, this recent law school grad from New York explained that she visited the student lounge at her school in hopes of snagging a cheesy reprieve from studying. Though she graduated in May, she said she was entitled to the pizza through her activities fee that doesn't expire until August. When she was turned away by a staff member, she fought back the only way a law student would.

In the witty email below, written to Student Affairs and titled "Since When Is Free Pizza Not Free Anymore," the brave would-be Erin Brockovich fights for what's right. Of course, her compelling case won her free pizza on the dean.

law school email

The law school grad wrote in the email above:

I’m a recent BLS alum studying for the bar exam, paid $100K to attend this school and $21 to the Dean’s Challenge, and was denied a slice of free pizza today from one of your staff members wearing a purple shirt today because he said the pizza was only for 2Ls.  Since when did free student lounge pizzabecome free for only 2Ls?!

Thank you.

To which the dean responded:

Hey- when can we grab a pizza on me?  Before or after the bar to celebrate?
Bring a few friends.

As thousands of sleep-deprived, stressed-out law school graduates took the bar exam this week, this interaction above proves that despite the potential of being jobless and in debt, a three-year, $100,000 education pays off in all the ways that matter -- namely being equipped to plead your case for the silly most important things in life.



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