This Life Hack Will Grow Your Audience and Gain Their Trust

This Life Hack Will Grow Your Audience and Gain Their Trust
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My dad: one of the most trustworthy people I've had the pleasure of knowing. When he says he'll do something, I believe it. It's easy because he makes simple promises that aren't hard to deliver.

There's one place, though, where he falters: fishing. My dad loves fishing. He'd go every day if he could and, now that he's retired, he basically does. When I was young, he'd bring me along on his outings. We wouldn't carry much -- poles, some tackle, a few snacks. The promise was always the same: "We'll stay out for two hours and, if we don't catch anything, we'll go home."

After the first few outings, though, I all but knew that wasn't true. Two hours would come and go and, despite my protests, Dad was sure a fish was coming in just a minute! 30 minutes later, there'd be a bite on the line (but no fish), and he'd get excited. "We'll stay just a bit longer. We'll have a fish any minute now!"

Just like Dad, I wanted a fish. But, unlike Dad, I was an impatient kid. Between the schedule delays and me being a grumpy kid, the result was usually a tantrum.

Trustworthy Dad would get excited and forget the schedule he promised. I'm 30 now and when Dad calls to ask, "Wanna go fishing?" I still have a mild panic attack. "Will I ever come home?!"

When you're building a community, you'll do anything to get the word out. The problem, though, is most important things don't happen over night [1]. You can tell someone how important it is to exercise, but they won't believe it -- even if they want to -- just because you said it. Belief comes from seeing promised results. Results take time. And giving up your time takes trust.

How do you build trust with your audience so they'll stick with you for the long-term? Like this.

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