This Little DIY Will Be The Most Charming Ornament On Your Tree

They also make great gifts!

You can never have too many Christmas ornaments -- especially when they look this adorable. With a few basic materials, you can create another awesome bauble to add to your collection. This particular demo uses miniature trees as the star of the wintery scene, but anything tall and narrow (like a "North Pole" light post or a faux candle) will do. Keep your creation for yourself or gift it to someone else to spread the joy.


Clear glass ornaments

Baker's twine

Miniature trees

Super glue

Large flake sea salt

Mason jar top

Rectangular sheet of paper, at least 3x4 inches


  1. Pull the metal top off your glass ornament and set aside.
  2. Wrap baker's twine loosely around a tree's top two or three times.
  3. Apply super glue to the bottom of the tree.
  4. Slowly lower the tree into the center of the globe, making sure the tree is held upright by the twine.
  5. Place the ornament in a Mason jar top to help keep it upright. Allow the glue to try for at least an hour.
  6. Once dried, tug gently to pull out the baker's twine. Set the ornament back onto the Mason jar top.
  7. Make a funnel out of the sheet of paper and place it into the neck of the ornament.
  8. Pour salt into the funnel until the bottom of the glass globe is filled.
  9. Put the top back on the ornament and use baker's twine to hang.

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