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This Makeup Artist's Disney Transformation Is Incredible

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Isn't that Dory screenshot from Finding Nemo cute up there? Such a fun movie. Such a lovable fish. Um, just kidding. That's not a screenshot. That's a person's face. Yes, we had to peel ourselves off the floor, too. To be fair, we've seen our share of insane transformations -- who could forget Alice Through The Looking Glass? But there are some skills so next-level, you just need to stream them to believe them.

In anticipation of Finding Dory, YouTuber Chrisspy made over her entire face (she even used a bald cap) to become our favorite fishy character. And we're going to straight-up say that there's very little we find more more fascinating than watching a time-lapse video of a human face transforming into a cartoon fish. Who knew?

As a reminder, this isn't Chrisspy's first ridiculously creative beauty transformation. (Yoda, anyone?) But this particular video is so enthralling, each and every one of us (okay, most of us) actually watched all seven minutes and 58 seconds.

If you're interested in trying it yourself -- caution: there's a glue stick involved -- or just want to be awed by the sheer creativity, take a look for yourself and click here.

By: Samantha Sasso