This Mandy Moore Shower Mosaic In NYC Apartment Makes Us Feel Things

The gifts of 2017 are already spectacular.

Few could argue the genius that is Mandy Moore. She made a seamless transition from pop starlet to film star to TV icon and, most recently, she’s been seen in a shower in Queens, New York.

Twitter user @walkerkaplan tweeted a fantastic text exchange with a friend of his wherein they discuss how another friend had purchased an apartment in Queens with a fascinating mosaic:

Yes, that is in fact Mandy Moore in a bikini on a shower wall.

The Twitter user confirmed to New York Magazine that the photo of this “Candy”-era Moore is “legit as far as he knows.”

Other Twitter users sent in their own mosaic findings and, while great in their own right, they still pale in comparison to the glory that is Moore.

The world is beautiful and weird and Mandy Moore is a queen.

(H/T NYMag)

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