This Hidden Message From McDonald's UK Is Hurting People's Eyes

Not lovin' it.

McDonald’s U.K. released an optical illusion on social media last week and people aren’t loving it.

“Tag a mate who should read between the lines...” the posts said on the company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, accompanied by a winky-faced emoji.

WARNING: Do not look at this image if you have photosensitive epilepsy or a history of headaches or migraines.

Social media followers of the brand quickly complained that looking for the hidden message in between the lines hurt their eyes.

“My eyes are now broke, I’ll accept Szechuan sauce as a good will gesture and I won’t take any further actions,” said one cheeky commentator.

Other people pointed out that the image was also potentially triggering for those who have photosensitive epilepsy or a history of migraines and headaches. For people with photosensitive epilepsy, images with certain patterns, like stripes of contrasting colors, can triggers seizures, according to the Epilepsy Foundation. The reasons still images can trigger seizures like this is unknown.

For anyone struggling to read the message, Facebook users suggest moving the image (whether it’s on mobile or desktop) away from your eyes, or tilting your head to get a better look.

Once you do that, you’ll see the optical illusion spells out “Bring McNuggets.”

Sounds like a plan!

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