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This 'Merica Burger Is Basically 100 Percent Made of Bacon

Nothing says 'Merica more than burgers and bacon. Or, burger made of bacon.
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Bacon. America loves it (as long as it's not playing in a crappy rock band with its brother). Slater's 50/50 in San Diego knows that all too well, so, in honor of our nation's birth, they created the 'Merica Burger, which isn't just topped with bacon... it's MADE of bacon, including two bacon patties topped with bacon, in addition to bacon cheese, bacon bits, and plenty of bacon grease.

We had them break it down step-by-step to show just how much bacon they could cram into the baconiest burger of all time. Bacon.

The heart of the burger (and the heart of your heart problems) is the 100% bacon patty, ground up beef-style, packed together, and grilled over an open flame.

Just in case there wasn't enough bacon in the burger, they fry up more to pile on top.