This 'Millennial Marriage Proposal' Is Guaranteed To Make You Cringe

Too real!

What’s better than getting engaged? All the likes and comments you’ll get on your proposal photo, according to the millennials in the clip above.

In a video from John Crist, the standup comedian pokes fun at millennials’ over-the-top proposals, elaborate engagement ring pictures and obsession with social media when it comes to getting engaged.

“Wait you hired a photographer, right?” the actress in the video, Megan Batoon, asks when her soon-to-be fiance drops to one knee and pops the question. What follows next is a few minutes of reshoots, re-proposing and reworking proposal camera angles to make sure the lighting is just right. All in the name of likes love.

Because as Crist points out in the the clips’ description, “What’s the point of getting engaged if you don’t post it on Instagram?”

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