This Mini Dance Duo's Incredible Salsa Skills Have Put Them On The Map

These kids can't stop, won't stop.

Kevin Téllez is a bonafide Salsa sensation. And the quick step, Colombian-style moves that landed him an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in 2014 have resurfaced online for even more viral glory for the tiny dancer.

A video of Téllez and his partner, Gaby Palacios, performing at the Salsa Festival in Québec alongside their dance mentors, John and Johana, appeared April 19 on the Be DANCE Facebook page and currently has over 8 million views. 

Téllez and Palacios are Salsa World Champions, and the two have been competing for several years, even appearing on "America's Got Talent." But one look at Téllez's personal Instagram and Facebook accounts and you'll see he has even bigger aspirations that go far beyond the dance floor. 

His posts highlight the many facets of his impressive career, which includes Broadway. Téllez is currently part of the hit musical "On Your Feet!


He and Gaby casually travel to Japan to appear on TV commercials, too.

It's clear Téllez's passion for Salsa and the stage hasn't wavered since he and his other partner, Beverly, made an adorable appearance on "Ellen" in 2014. And it seems like he and Gaby are certainly going places -- like Japan.  



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