Video Of A Mole Stuck In A Hole Makes Us Feel Some Type Of Way

Join us above ground.

Holey moley is right!

A tiny mole seeking sweet, sweet above-ground freedom was almost denied that liberty when it got stuck between two slabs of pavement. 

The mole, reportedly Dutch, was recently filmed by a woman walking her dog in the city of Gorinchem, Holland. The footage shows the tiny subterranean animal throwing its paws in the air as it struggles emerge from the ground.

But don't fret -- the little dude wasn't stuck there for long. The mole eventually broke free from the concrete and scampered into a nearby bush, according to Yahoo UK. Score one for the moles, yet again. 

Anyway, this is what a mole looks like up close, for those who are interested (Note: NOT the same mole that was stuck in the hole):

And here's another mole cheezin' for the camera, because why not:

(Again, not the same mole that was stuck in the hole):

Watch the entire video of the fiasco below:

H/T Daily Mail

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