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This Mom Wants Tony Snow Fired

Tell ya what, Tony. We'll let your kids and the former Congressman exchange some IM's and then you can tell me all about that silly Mark Foley and his wacky naughty messages to your kids.
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After a day of shuttling children to and from hockey practice and the pediatrician, I settled in front of the television just in time to see White House Press Secretary Tony Snow refer to former Congressman Mark Foley's alleged troubles as "simply naughty e-mails." In fact, Snow went as far to say "Look, I hate to tell you, but it's not always pretty up there on Capitol Hill and there have been other scandals as you know that have been more than simply naughty e-mails."

I hear Snow is now backing off those remarks, but as the face and voice of the administration, his job is to avoid mistakes of this nature.

Simply put, Snow should lose his job for that remark. As an outraged mother, I'll be happy to lead the charge. How, in the same breathe, DARE he talk of protecting "these kids" but dismiss pedophilia as "naughty e-mails."

A congressman allegedly asking a child to measure his penis is just a "naughty e-mail?"
A congressman allegedly asking a child if he masturbated today is just a "naughty email?"

Tell ya what, Tony. Let's let Mr. Foley have a go at your kids. I'm sure they are Internet savvy and drop by your place of work occasionally. We'll let your kids and the former Congressman exchange some IM's and then you can tell me all about that silly Mark Foley and his wacky naughty messages to your kids. I'm sure it will be a real hoot around your dinner table.

These were not just "naughty e-mails," Mr. Snow. These were sexually charged propositions and conversations with CHILDREN. Let me say that again, Mr. Snow...CHILDREN.

Yeah, keep backing off those remarks Tony, because you sounded like an ass. Let's get to why you REALLY said what you said. Because you wanted to bring up the ghost of THAT woman and THAT blue dress. The "other scandals" Snow is not so subtly referring too is a certain Ms. Lewinsky and a certain President.

Apparently there is some new law that prevents any Republican discussing any sort of sexual matter without bringing up President Bill Clinton and his CONSENTUAL (all be it incredibly stupid) oral sex with "THAT woman." Just to review, that scandal, the one that involved two consenting ADULTS- that one cost this country MILLIONS of dollars.

By my mother calculations...Foley's investigation, prosecution, etc. should cost this country at least triple. I mean...we're talking about kids here. We're talking about protecting our kids, right? If you spent millions on the Lewinsky/Clinton affair, surely you'll spend millions MORE on something involving participants that are UNDER age. Because I know, in my heart, you moral Republicans will take care of my family, right? You'll make sure that MY family and this country's children are taken care least more than some consenting tryst between adults, right? You've certainly been protecting my family and me like crazy against that gay marriage thing. Lord knows if the gays marry, my family will fall apart. So certainly, you'll protect my wee little offspring from predator Congressmen with a knack for inappropriate behavior around pages, right?

Of course you will, because Jesus would. I mean, Jesus liked kids, didn't he? I know he wasn't real big on the adultery thing, but that can't possibly compare to the safety and well being of our children. We wouldn't want the world to think we cared more about consenting adults than helpless, defenseless, do we?

Oh wait...that's right, this administration doesn't give a fuck what the world thinks.

Well, this mother does. And she's going to protect her kids. It's time for the White House to put politics aside, including it's Snow Spin and take care of our children. Protect our children.

As for your, Mr. Snow, choose your words carefully. These are my kids you're protecting. These are America's children working as pages. Dismiss the "naughty e-mails" in their inboxes and answer to the MOTHERS of America. You don't want that, Mr. Snow.
Trust me.

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