This New Mom Went On A Date And Now She's My Superhero

Thank you, Chrissy Teigen.
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While doing my usual HuffPost scan the other day, I learned that one of the world’s most beautiful people, Chrissy Teigen, went on a dinner date with her husband.

Pretty normal, right?

Well, the Internet world went crazy about it. Like, crazy, crazy, MEAN about it. Reason being, she left her 10-day old baby at home for the outing.


Are these people FOR REAL?!

I automatically had two thoughts:

1) Is Chrissy Teigen like me?

Did she have to be ENCOURAGED, CONVINCED, and REMINDED that time away from your kids is a HEALTHY THING? Did she feel guilty for leaving the house, and more and more guilty with every passing moment? Did she actually enjoy her food or did feelings of worry take her appetite away? Did she embrace the child-free conversations with her husband or was she too distracted checking her phone for possible updates from the nanny?

2) Is Chrissy Teigen unlike me?

Did she get excited while choosing a restaurant for her first date post-baby? Did she shower and get dressed up with a smile on her face? Did she giggle throughout dinner and get lost in conversation with her best friend? Did she peruse the dessert menu and order a tea or a coffee too? Did she feel like, “YES! THIS IS JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!!” on the drive back to the house?

If Chrissy is my first thought, LIKE ME, these online critics are making her feel EVEN WORSE than she already does. And if Chrissy is more like my second thought, UNLIKE ME, she’s the person I’ve been striving to become.

Before this sentence, there were only three people in the world who knew that, since having my youngest daughter, I’ve been dealing with postpartum anxiety. The guilt and worry has been a constant battle and I just wish that one day I will wake up and have a little more CHRISSY in me.

Thank you, Chrissy Teigen, for going on a date with your husband 10 days postpartum. In doing that, you’ve become a Mama I look up to.

Lindsay Parkinson is a Canadian mama of two, living abroad and blogging the ocean away. Post by post, she brings her family of four closer to home. Follow along at The Pearl Curriculum.