This Mother Is Not Marching

Why This Mother Is Not Marching After Inauguration Day 2017
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No, I am not marching. I will not participate in the Million Women March after Inauguration Day 2017. At least for right now, David Chappelle channeling Colin Kaepernick says it best, “I’m taking a knee.” I am not quitting, but I am redirecting or perhaps doubling down my time and energy for the children. Motherhood continues to call, and I am persuaded to perpetually answer.

Thus instead of spending money on overpriced plane tickets and exorbitant hotel rooms, rather than push my introverted nature to the limit in massive crowds, this is what my womanist maternal spirit compels me to do. I am not sure what the leader of this new American regime will or will not enact. However, his verbal ambiguity and gamesmanship cannot be the well from which I drink. In the meanwhile, for the love of my sons and all children I commit myself to and recommend the following:

1. Get your financial house in order. There are more threats of privatizing Social Security and decreasing government-sponsored student loans. Instead of standing in long lines and fighting over material foolishness on Black Friday—save. Put the money in a custodial account or open a 529 savings plan for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or any child. Start or add more to your own retirement account.

2. Secure health insurance. The Affordable Care Act currently provides much needed insurance to over 20 million Americans. Portions of it are in jeopardy simply because the legislation came through the hands of President Barack Obama. Now is the time to research state-sponsored, employer-subsidized, or other programs that can provide a modicum of prevention and wellness protection.

3. Engage in self-care practices. The vitriol, cupidity, and mendacity of the past election spurred much emotional stress, religious chaos, and spiritual blues. Taking a walk, meditating for 3-5 minutes, relishing in sustained moments of silence, watching your favorite movie, reading something positive, playing, praying and yes, unplugging from social media are just a few ways to help you get your life back. Breathe. Inhale and exhale. Just breathe.

4. Create a village. More recently I have spent time talking to seniors, griots, elders ― people who have seen America do better and do worse. Their stories and testimonies have been salve to my wounded spirit. I need their witness to remind me and inspire my children. What we are witnessing is not new for America. It is her habit. Thus, my intergenerational community, this village, is helping me get through until we get over, get beyond, get on the other side of this. No, all is not forgiven or forgotten. But until our change comes…

5. Soak up some ObamaLove. There are only two months until the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama sees its sunset. I am making my children watch him every time he appears on television. I want them to remember what he historically embodies. I am collecting articles with a positive depiction of him, FLOTUS or their daughters. Our children should envision themselves standing in their shoes and charting a new course not simply for America, but for this world.

I already marched. With my sons I marched to the polls and voted for someone who did not insult me or my neighbors. No, she was not perfect, but her commentary was not offensive nor her actions sexually abusive.

So march on my sisters and brothers. This #WomanistMomma has to run, run, run and attend to other matters for her children’s sake.

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