This Naked Man Has A Thing Or Two To Teach You About Cooking

You won't see THIS on Food Network.

Our favorite "bear-naked" chef is back this week with the second episode in the web series that feels like a queer version of your favorite Food Network programming.

Adrian De Berardinis, the self-described "bear-naked" chef, wears only a jockstrap and an apron while composing his delicious concoctions. He decided to start the web series as a way to show queers that cooking can be both fun and sexy.

"I hope that people who love food can appreciate and experiment with my recipes, as they are unique, easy-to-make personal and delicious," De Berardinis previously told The Huffington Post. "Anyone that is scared to try something new or is afraid of sophisticated food can find my food accessible. And for those who do have the skill already, hopefully they will take away a dish that they've never tried or eaten before. But above all, I hope that they don't take what I'm doing too seriously even though the food is legit. I hope everyone enjoys it and has fun while watching each episode!"

Check out the second episode above. Missed the first? Head here.

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