This New 'Wonder Woman' Trailer Essentially Makes The Case For Gun Control

Lass-oh my God.

We promised we’d never believe trailer hype again after a certain DC property butchered hours of unused footage to trick audiences into believing the actual film contained a coherent narrative, but OMG, guys, “Wonder Woman” is going to be so good

A new trailer for the highly anticipated DC film helmed by director Patty Jenkins debuted on Thursday and gives us a better picture of what inspires the Amazon princess to leave her home of Themyscira for the human world: a potentially fatal gun shooting. 

In comic book lore, Wonder Woman traditionally has never been a big fan of guns, so it’s no coincidence that the two trailers for the film feature the superhero deflecting bullets like it’s no big deal and destroying a gun with her bare hands. 

If Wonder Woman can’t save us from ourselves, then who can? 

“Wonder Woman” hits theaters June 2017.



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