This Nonprofit Is Helping Homeless People One Shower At A Time

Lava Mae is offering an invaluable service to those who need it most.

Every day more than 578,000 people across the United States find themselves homeless. But organizations like Lava Mae in San Francisco is helping individuals get back on their feet by repurposing old buses into bathrooms to give them access to showers. 

Leah Filler, the organization's global community engagement director, told HuffPost Live's Alex Miranda earlier this week that "hygiene is a major, major barrier" to homeless people who often lose potential job or housing opportunities solely because they lack access to a shower. 

"Lack of hygiene makes members of the general public look at those experiencing homelessness like they are 'less than' or 'other,' when in fact, they are just like any one of us, just trying our best to survive," Filler said.

She added that "without access to hygiene, you lose your sense of self. You lose your dignity and without dignity, you lose hope."

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