This Norman Rockwell Painting Sums Up Being A Woman On The Internet

And it's from 1959.

Anyone who says being a woman is easy is probably a man.

Between the wage gap, the policing of our uteruses, the catcalling and the mansplaining ― we’re still a long way from gender equality, especially, for women of color. 

Which is why the meme-ification of Norman Rockwell’s 1959 painting, “The Jury,” is so poignant and hilarious. Because, well, if we can’t laugh at how ridiculous the world can be to women, we’d probably never get out of bed in the morning. 

These pushy male jurors don’t just resemble juror no. 3 or juror no. 7 from “Twelve Angry Men.” They resemble today’s state of affairs in an eerily close manner.

Especially, this guy:

Stand your ground, lady juror. We know it's been nearly 60 years, but you’re still a boss.



Women working in male-dominated industries