'OITNB' Star Diane Guerrero Wants You To Help Fight Against Deportation

Diane Guerrero has been a very vocal advocate for immigration reform.

"We are a nation of immigrants." 

That's the message Diane Guerrero wants to share with the general public in her new video collaboration with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

"Whatever our personal reasons -- whether we were born here or our parents came here for a shot at the American dream," Guerrero said. "We need to stand up to reactionary policies aimed at targeting and criminalizing the immigrant community."

The "Jane the Virgin" and "Orange Is The New Black" star has been a strong advocate for immigration reform, and she has actively spoken out against deportation. It's a subject that hits close to home for the Colombian actress. When Guerrero was 14, she came home to an empty house where she found out that both of her parents and her older brother were deported to Colombia. 

She called on others to get involved and said the following in the video:

"Please join me by telling our members of congress and our local and state leaders to stand with us by condemning policies that separate families and destroy our communities."

You can help fight hate speech and criminalization of immigrant communities by registering to vote and visiting here.

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