We Need To Talk About This Weird Panda Video

Why are the zookeepers also dressed like pandas?

Go home, panda, you're drunk.

This beautiful gem of a video has emerged from the dark depths of the Internet.

The footage shows two comically dressed zookeepers at Japan's Adventure World Park in Wakayama trying to keep a very determined little panda from sliding headfirst into a corner of his enclosure. 

Of course, the zookeepers are dressed like pandas. It's Japan.

"The young panda, still a little uneasy on his feet, seems to want to jump into a little ravine that's in his cage at all costs," according to a HuffPost translation of the video's caption. 

This panda is adorable. And clumsy. And for whatever reason, there are humans dressed like pandas to catch him when he falls. 

If only there were a panda dressed like a human to catch me when I fall.

Watch the full video of the debacle below: 

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