This Peanut Butter Sandwich 'Hack' Is Causing Quite A Stir

Most people disagree that it's a "hack you never knew you needed."

A so-called sandwich “hack” from the Food Network has left the internet confused.

On Sept. 26, the brand posted a video on its Facebook page that features food blogger Bev Weidner explaining her method for making peanut butter sandwiches.

“Behold the brilliant peanut butter hack you never knew you needed!” Food Network captioned the video, which has more than 6 million views as of Friday afternoon.

The trick, according to the tutorial, is to spread peanut butter on parchment paper, freeze it and then cut it into slices. Weidner explained that her hack reduces the mess and keeps her from ripping the slices of bread.

“There’s this whole convenience thing with sandwiches ― little slices of meat, slices of cheese, pickle slices,” Weidner said in the video. “Why aren’t there peanut butter slices?”

Naturally, several Facebook commenters who watched the video had questions. Most pointed out that they didn't have a problem simply spreading peanut butter on the bread, which is much easier. Others offered their own lengthy (and sarcastic) ways of making other dishes. One commenter joked that the tutorial finally offered a use for parchment paper.

On the other hand, some commenters thought the critics were being too harsh. One mentioned the hack could be “a fun activity” to do with the kids and “break out of the ordinary routine.” Others noted that the idea could come in handy when using soft bread and crunchy peanut butter and could minimize the mess. Another important take was that the hack could be an ideal solution for people with limited motor skills if they received help freezing the peanut butter beforehand.

The video at least brought another sandwich problem to attention, as one commenter encouraged everyone to avoid getting peanut butter and jelly in the wrong jars and to “WIPE THE KNIFE ON THE BREAD BETWEEN APPLICATIONS!”

We hear ya.

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