It's Time To Rename Fire Ants 'Spicy Boys'

Sign your name and support this noble cause now.

Fire ants are pretty terrible. But wouldn’t they be a lot less terrible if they were called “spicy boys?”

In a glorious use of, user pupperg small has started a petition to formally change the name of fire ants to spicy boys.

The user is asking for 35,000 signatures and says the petition will go to Barack and Michelle Obama and Mark Zuckerberg. Clearly because those are the only reasonable people capable of making such a change.

pupperg small’s letter to POTUS, FLOTUS, and the Zuck says the following:

We don’t know the 36 genders pupperg is talking about or Beyblade’s chances of becoming an Olympic sport, but Furries and Bronies are, in fact, active members of our community so the letter does have some validity.

pupperg credits “” for coming up with the original idea for the campaign.

We think it’s a great idea. Spicy boys? GENIUS. Even Twitter agrees.

There’s even a spicy boys support account.

At 25,000 + signatures so far, the change seems imminent. With luck and your vote, the fire ant name will disappear into oblivion.

Long live spicy boys.

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